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Latest News from Fiji (no. 15)

Greetings to you all!

Now that we are approaching the end of the year, many things are also coming to an end. First of all, to us who are still in school, school break-up is drawing near and we are all looking forward to it except for what comes before the school break-up - the exams (!) which some of us like me is not looking forward to. Fr. 'Ekuasi can't wait for this so that he could take a break in Tonga. He rang me up some time this week, telling me that he is teaching about 20 girls a Tongan tau'olunga for their school break-up party. He is really improving his talent of being a punake. I told him that he must be taking after aunty Lepeti.

One good news from this end is that Lotiola is improving tremendously health-wise. A Fijian lady who is a local physiotherapist has been treating her for the last two weeks, and she feels much better and gaining a lot of energy now. So, she has more energy now to watch her Korean movies more often. One of the Korean series she has been watching 10,000 times is known as 'Jewel in the Palace'. So funny to watch her, that when there are parts that actors/actress are about to say 'yes' with a bow (which is their culture), Lotiola had already bowed her head 10 times before they did. She might bring this adopted habit to Matahau when she talks with other people. So you guys at the Lalo Kalosipani, you better watch out!

In the field of sports, the baby 'Ikale Tahi arrived in Fiji last Tuesday. There are two teams, one under-12 (years old) and the under 14- team. They had three games against Fiji's under-12 and under-14 teams and lost both to the Fiji teams. So I hope that they will try to prepare more for next year's trip. While on sports, Susitina has qualified for Suva's athletic team to compete on the FMFCHOW GAMES for Fiji's primary schools which will be held on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of November. She is competing on the 200 metres. She is definitely taking after me and no one else! According to Soana, she says that she (Soana) is the fastest of them all. Of course she runs like a turtle. Every time we go to the Stadium for the kids' sports, at the end everyone is packing up their stuff to go home while Soana is still busy picking up the rubbish at the grand stand (seriously). I guess, that's her best event.

Lastly, so good to hear that 'Isi 'Apenisa is getting better. We always remember him in our prayers. Much 'ofa atu to Vise and her kids during this tough time.

Well famili, this is all I have for now. Just trying to make sure I get my Reporter's Christmas Stipend and 'ofa lahi atu to you all.

From us all here in the Fiji isles,


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