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Latest Update from Levuka (no. 5)

Greetings to you all, wherever you are in the four corners of the universe!

May I congratulate the Admin Team for the superb job in "face-lifting" the Homepage of our website!

May I also congratulate the faithful members who commit themselves to corresponding and updating news from your respective areas of operation. I know it's not going to be easy to award the 'Prize' to the most frequent contributor to the site. I was going to make a suggestion that there should be another category for members who are fully occupied with their work or study, etc yet they still try their best to send some news to the site, from time to time. But come to think of it, leave it as it is! I suppose what really counts is the efforts one is making, busy or otherwise! Hence, I rest my case!!

Briefly from the school: We had our Prize Giving last Friday for our Exams' Forms 4, 6, & 7. It provided me with the opportunity to utilize my 'punake' talents! I taught my Form 7 girls, 15 of them, to do a Tau'olunga! Had you seen their movements you would have thought that Tu'imala Kaho was teaching the girls!! For my teachers, we did a 'Lakalaka'. 'Analena commented and likened me to her aunty Lepeti, but I told her my skills are from grandma Fatai!! It was the first time that our students see their teachers performing and entertaining them. That was great fun and of course, it's a morale booster for the school as a whole.

I'm appealing to all of you to pray for my exam Forms as they embark on the examinations on Wednesday. I've made special requests to the "Rosary Fraternity", which is led by Maliana Sr from home, and 'Isa'ake Jr from Aotearoa. Last year our pass rates were very good (Form 4 - 96%; Form 6 - 72%; Form 7 - 78%). My aim this year is to better those results. You may say I'm too ambitious, but as you know, 'a good educator always aims high'!

I'll be going to Suva this Wednesday to officially launch our school's new website. Our current one has been upgraded and re-structured, by a joint operation with Connect Fiji. It costs the school $10,000 but it's a worthwhile investment. In this era of modern technology, it's the way forward, no doubt. I'll let you all know the new site's address by Friday.

As 'Analena has mentioned, I'm looking forward to the school's holiday as I'll be going home for 1 month. I know the ma'ala & manioke that Napa planted need to be looked after during the Christmas season.

That will be all for now folks, so do take care and keep up the wonderful works that you are doing.

Ni sa moce & God bless.


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