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Chatting with whoever is here online

Hallo Famili

This is your admin team once again. Just to inform you all that we have installed MEEBO, a small horizontal bar you will find at the bottom right corner of every page of our website saying Sign in to this site to chat if you have not signed in as a member. And when you sign in as a member, the bar will tell you how many friends you have on our website at that moment. If it says you have 1 friend or more online, you can then click on the Meebo bar, and on the little screen that opens up, you can see which members of our website are also here online with you. You can then page him/her a quick message from your Meebo bar and it will appear on that person's Meebo bar. You two can then chat using Meebo or you can also decide to use our Chat page to chat (click 'Chat' above).

The main advantage of this Meebo bar is that it enables you to know the identity of other family members who are also here with you online at the same time. But of course, for this to work everyone needs to sign in first as a member because this facility is only accessible to members of our website. For example, if you happen to see "2 people now online" indicated on the right but at the Meebo bar down below it says "No Friends Online", it means that the other person who is here with you on our website is either a visitor just browsing around or a family member who has not signed in. We would suggest that anytime you enter and see "2 people now online" or more indicated, you should all try to sign in and then click on the Meebo bar to find out who is here with you. Wouldn't that be so cool?

Don't forget to turn up the volume (unless you're in a public computer!) to hear some music on our homepage.

What we would like to know is whether all these make for accessing our website harder and slower for some of you, especially those of you using dial-up connection. Please let us know if there is a problem here for you.

Take good care everyone,

Your Unpaid Admin Team!

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