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Our School's New Website

Greetings to you all from the Old Capital of Fiji!

Trust all is well with you and your respective families & communities, wherever you are.

My heartfelt Congratulations to all of you in the family circle who have celebrated their Birthdays recently. Of course the latest is the 'Man of the House', Saimone Jr. May I also congratulate those who have celebrated some achievements in your line of works, study, and responsibilities. Equally joyful to finally get to hear some news from members of the family who have been either too busy with their work or just recently came on board the family website, in particular the gang from Moreno Valley!!

Last Thursday we successfully launched our new website for the school (click here). I went to Suva for the occasion and came back last Friday. I had mentioned earlier that this is a $10,000 investment for the school. In fact, this is a milestone for St. John's College. For your information we are the first school in Fiji to venture into this kind of project.

As you all know Computer Technology has elevated education to new heights and this is indeed the way forward if we are to par with bigger schools and Institutions, locally and abroad. This new site will have sections where new students can enroll online. Later on we'll provide each student with an ID number and they can access exams' marks and progressive reports on the site.

Personally, it gives me much joy knowing that via this site, you the members of the family can keep track and be updated with my work at the school. There's a section there for Guests where you can log on and leave a comment or message.

[Admin: click here to visit the new website of Fr Ekuasi's school. You can also access it from our 'Links' page]

I wish you well and all the best for the remaining weeks of this Academic Year, 2009. 'Ofa atu & hufaki.

Fr Ekuasi

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