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Message from Fr 'Unaloto in Apia, Samoa

Talofa lava famili,

Good to be back to "our little home on the web", Fataiekuasi.com. I arrived and tried to fix my computer but thank God it's good now. Anyway, maybe to share with you this time my trip to Rome. I had a great time, started in NZ with the waiting for my flight to France. I stayed with 'Isa'ake and 'Akata and their four lovely kids: Manoa, Vincent, 'Isa'ake and Maliana. I had time to meet some of our people there, relatives mainly. I stopped by on my way back for a few days and met Tony and Seini and children, 'Aisea and Tupou, and of course aunty Feli who just arrived from Tonga. I had a great time in NZ, it was my first time there. All my siblings got to NZ before me except Sepa.

Our trip was sponsored by the Diocese of Samoa and I was so fortunate to be part of that group, ten of us priests with lay people from the Archdiocese of Samoa. First we went to France to the village where St John Vianney was working for our retreat and from there to Rome. It was very tiring and yet very enriching. I had to leave Rome early otherwise his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI would appoint me as his chief chef and then I would be faraway from you guys. See how much you all mean to me?!

As I got back, the parish already sold my old pick-up truck that I was using, and a week after I arrived, we managed to buy a new one. Fr Lutoviko didn't want to use my old pick up each time I left the parish, but now, I am sure he will enjoy my new ride, plus their old pick up van always mate maha on the road.

One of the villages in my parish is planning to open their new church on the 23rd of December, and I have asked Analena and Filimi for a tapenakulo for the new church and Lotiola for a Lau nima for the church. And most likely Filimi is coming with the Tapenakulo and Lotiola with the Launima. They are both going to attend the Huufifale and spend Christmas and new year with me which is great. At the moment I don't have a cook, I cook for myself and at times people provide food, but when Filimi and Lotiola arrive, I will hire a cook for us. I don't know what they like but surely they will love the palusami and the pe'epe'e (pekepeke: niu taufua pekepeke 'aki e mei tunu).

Maybe that is all from me, take care and God bless!

'Ofa atu from Fr 'Unaloto

(Admin team please see if this appears on our site. I think I lost how to post a message again. thank you)

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