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Talofa Famili - News from Fr 'Unaloto

Hello guys,

I am ok as well as my parishioners. This is a busy time for us in our parish. We are preparing for this coming Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent for a Kofilimasio in our parish. The last Kofilimasio was in 2006 and so we have a heap of candidates this year. Our Archbishop will come and not long after that is an ordination in our parish on the 11th of December. The guy is from our parish but he is a Salesian, another religious congregation. And on the 14th of December Lotiola will arrive with the Launima from Tonga and on the 16th Filimi will arrive with the Tapenakulo from the States (Fakafeta'i e 'ofa) and the Huufifale (church opening) is on the 23rd of December.

I am sorry my trip to the Pope was only a humble one. The "kii mea a tau" I got in New Zealand was enough to buy me a few things with the help of 'Isa'ake and 'Akata and some Macdonald for 'Isa'ake leka. Man he is a cute little boy and he can eat too. We all love him because of his name. The name we never forget. So that is it for now. Take care everyone and 'ofa atu and plenty of hufaki to you all.

Fr 'Unaloto

Apia, Samoa

(ps: I heard that the prize for the best reporter has already been given which is not fair. So this will be the last time for me e. loi pe ia. mou nofo a)

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