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Latest News from 'Analena in Fiji (no. 16)

Malo e lelei famili,

Like to welcome you all to the beginning of the last month of the year (as it is already here in our hemisphere). I know that I had not been around for a while but this is due to a little anifotunateli (unfortunate) circumstance which caused the delay of relaying you all with the latest events here in Suva especially.

Finally, the Fiji Primary Schools FMFCHOW Games are over. A team of 27 athletes from Tonga took part in the competition. Susitina did her best in her 200 metres event and came 2nd in her heat but unfortunately did not qualify for the final. However, another Tongan athlete was in the same event and she managed to grab the silver medal. This same girl got another silver medal in the 100 metres. Overall, the Tongan team managed to steal the hearts of the spectators when some of the team courageously collected 10 medals altogether with just 27 athletes in the team, including one gold medal from the under eleven boys in the 100 metres. This great result I hope had given the Tongan Officials more enthusiasm to get more contestants for next year's games.

Lotiola is now back at the Lalo Kalosipani in Matahau. She enjoyed her stay here mostly because of the Korean movies. She wanted to take her movies with her to Tonga but I discouraged her from doing so only because I want to continue such a family tradition here in Suva.

Lastly, since we're coming to the end of the year, and here in Suva, Tongan students have returned already to Tonga, we, the Tafola Gang, are staying put here in Suva to taste the Viti Christmas and New Year spirit for the first and probably the last time, even though we definitely gonna miss the Lalo Kalosipani Christmas at Matahau.

That's all the news I have for now.

'Ofa atu to you all from us here in Suva,


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