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First News Update from USA for 2010

Happy New Year from all of us here in the USA

About Vise's Husbund ('Isi), I spoke to Vise lahi coz she is in Utah with them and she said that 'Isi is home now and he is recovering well. He was rushed to hospital due to non-stop bleeding of the nose. But she will be there with the kids and making sure that they are okay. We are just happy that 'Isi is doing fine now.

Lomu Reunion in the Summer here in the USA

Families, I will update you guys later on this news but Granpa Filimi Tavo and Uncle D Tavo are trying to revive our Lomu Reunions again so I am hoping it will be a success for all the descentants of Lomu's Generations to meet again in Utah this Summer. As many of you know, Simiki and Mailoni Tupou (Lupe Tavo's sons) in Utah had hosted our Lomu Reunions but for some reason it didn't do well due to some miscommunication. But we hope that this year will bring so many of our families and relatives together again and for our children to meet.

I am supporting this Family Reunion very much and I am hoping that you all will support it too. For further information, I will update you all here once I know more.

Filimi's Visit to Samoa

Filimi was able to visit Fr Unaloto in Samoa and he took with him the TAPENAKULO. I don't now the english word for it right at this moment but Fr Unaloto was asking for it and alot of the families here were putting up money for it and Filimi was happy that he was able to visit Samoa. But he is home safely now with 'Ana and Fe'ao (Lisa's daughter) and to some of you (like Uncle Napa), they sent their 'ofa and thank you for the Holiday wishes and they send their Love to all of you too.

Congratulations to Maggie and Jimmy

We want to send our love to Our Beautiful Maggie and Jimmy for celebrating their Engagement and we are all happy for you both and We all wish you Guys the best and My girls send their Love to their hot aunty Maggie.

Thank You all and Much 'ofa and Happy New Year to all of you,


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Hi familia, Malo e lelei famili ko 'eku taimi lunch eni he ngaue peau afe mai ke vakai pe 'oku mou si'i fefe, fuoloa e ta'efelongo aki..'oku mou si'i fefe hake?'Ofa pe 'oku mou mo'uilelei pe e tokotah


Hello family it has been a long long time. Im so happy, finally able to get in this family forum and see how everyone is doing. Im very grateful that the Lord has blessed me to be apart of this family