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Our Very Own Fr 'Ekuasi in the News

Hallo famili,

Just to share with you the latest appearance of our very own Fr Ekuasi at a ceremony at the Prime Minister's Office in Tonga yesterday. He was there to present to the Tongan Prime Minister a gift of $1000 Fijian dollars from the students of Fr Ekuasi's school in Fiji for the Ashika Disaster Fund. In case you are not aware, the Tongan Prime Minister is an ex-student of the school in Fiji (St John's College) where Fr Ekuasi is the Principal. You can catch the full story from the Matangi Tonga Online containing photos of Fr Ekuasi by clicking here or for a longer report at the ministry of information website, click here.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has responded in kind by visiting Matahau for a night of kava with some of his ministers, including the local chief Tui Vakano, who is also the Minister for Youth and Sports. For more photos from the Prime Minister's visit to Matahau, click here: photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4. We can be sure our top reporter from Matahau will give us more details with his next update from the Lalo Kalosipani. Thanks Hiko!

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