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Grand Holiday Part 1...from Fr 'Ekuasi

Happy New Year to you all families & friends!

And greetings from Levuka! Trust the new year has kicked off well for all of you. I'm back here in Cawaci to prepare for the opening of Term 1 for the Academic Year 2010. I was keen to see the damage done to our root crops by cyclone Mick last month. Fortunately, it was minimal.

I haven't had a chance to reflect on my holiday in Matahau but an instant conclusion would be that it was a 'grand holiday'! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my time at home with Mum, Lotiola, Clare, Manoa, Tiana, Fifita, Poini, Hiko Jr, Milika, Saimone Jr, Tana (dog), Kiti & kids (cats), & Patele 'Unaloto. As you all know, each time anyone comes home from overseas there's an automatic transformation of the home environment, meaning everyone and everything comes alive, even the trees, garden & animals!!!

My first impression on my arrival was of awe! I was very impressed by how clean our home was, both outside and inside. Straight away it gave me the message that those at home are alive and kicking. I commended Tiana & Fita for doing such a wonderful job. Their job description is unwritten but both know too well their appointed tasks. Tiana is the main chef in the kitchen and Fita looks after the cleaning-up of the house and outside.

Hiko Jr has well earned the title 'little Father of the family', trustfully given by the co-skippers of the house, Maliana & Lotiola. Hiko is also responsible for the finance portfolio and thus ensures that bills are paid in time, and enough food and groceries for their weekly meals. Poini comes in from time to time whenever the needs arise.

The princess & prince of the house, Milika & Saimone, are given the task of maintaining signs of life in the house, either through playing, laughing, crying, and even fighting!! They are such a joy to be with, but you have to prepare your answers well for Milika as she often bombards me with a series of unrelated questions!

The 2 masterminds of the house, Maliana & Lotiola, are playing the role of 'skippers'! They oversee the general running of the house, with their wisdom and experience. Their roles are vital to maintain focus and unity among the family.

So you see, our family at home is like running a school! Each one knows his/her role to play. Even though they overlap from time to time but it certainly works.

To be continued.............

'Ofa atu & hufaki,


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