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Sydney Update from Lana & Family

Talofa, Malo e Lelei to everyone,

My liltle family are all fine and well. We are just enjoying our holidays at home. My hubby has been working hard while the boys and I just busy going to parks and swimming pool or to the shops only to kill the time. The boys will be starting footy training tomorrow. I can't wait so that I can start walking off the hams and turkeys that I have had on X-mas and New Year.

My eldest son Rimo is preparing for his First Holy Communion and his Confirmation which will take place in May this year.

We will also be going to Samoa in April and we are all looking forward to it. So Fr Unaloto are you going to be there at this time? You better becoz you owe me a ride on that new car of yours. [from admin: right on Lana!]

I would like to say hello to Sr Saane. It has been a very long time eh and it is so good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your family home. Thank God that no one got hurt as we all know we can replace the house but not a life. Take care and love you.

It is so good to hear that auntie Maliana, Lotiola and everyone in Matahau are doing well and fine, earning top points since everyone's feeling happy and alive when they come home. Also thank God that Uncle Filimi arrived safely back to the States.

This is it from Liverpool, Australia, until next time.

'Ofa lahi atu to everyone,

Lana & family

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