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  • Analena Taai

'Analena's News from Suva

Hello to you all from Suva, Fiji!

Here we are again, safe and sound. Still managing while praying very hard for March to come so that we can surface and breathe normally again.

The 2010 academic year has started for the kids, and it is a great relief that we are finally at peace without them. But it is sad to realise that my helpers are at school which left me to do all the household chores unfortunately.

It is a pleasure for my family to host Veainu's son, Rev. Sione 'Atupuha Koloti, and his family, who just arrived from Tonga this Monday. Sione is continuing his second and third year here at USP having done his first year in Tonga last year. They are staying with us while looking for a place to stay. My kids are enjoying their company especially with their kids, two girls and one boy. The eldest who is named after Talivaka's other name Lose is of Tu'a'ofa's age, and then there is a 4 year old boy and two year old girl.

I have just learnt lately that Ane (Tevesi's daughter) and her family are not coming back from Tonga, cos Ane had found a job in Tonga at the Tonga Telecommunication. Ane's husband is doing his final course in Tonga.

Lastly, for all those whose birthday is on this month (including a certain 'Sosefo Ta'ai), my family would like to wish you all a very blessed birthday.

Bye for now famili,


'Ofa atu,

'Ana and family from Suva, Fiji.

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