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About that Photo on Your Homepage

Hi everyone! I posted this photo here some time ago after having found it at Alex house in Florida. Thank you for putting it up on your homepage. For those who are too young to know, the four standing in front are all brothers, from left: Laupoini jr (the little head at bottom left corner), Taiamoni, 'Unaloto and Stan. The next four standing behind them are from left: Napa (that sunglass!), 'Isa'ake (in red), Rodney (with cap), and Manoa. And then the face that can be seen behind them between Napa and 'Isa'ake is actually our all famous uncle Saimone. My guess is that since they are wearing 'The Jets' t-shirts, this must have been taken during The Jets' tour of Tonga in 1989 and the background makes me think of the old airport at Fua'amotu in Tonga, which could mean that they were there either to welcome the Jets on the day of their arrival or to farewell them on the day of their departure (correct me if I'm wrong please). Thankfully, last time I checked or at least at the time of writing this, all of them are still alive and well.

The nine people in this photo now live and work in six different countries: Napa in Peru, Stan in Canada, 'Unaloto in Samoa, Manoa in USA, 'Isa'ake and Saimone in NZ, and then Laupoini and Taiamoni in Tonga. There are three generations represented here: we have the second generation ('Isa'ake, Poini, Taiamoni, 'Unaloto, Manoa, Rodney and Stan), the first generation (Napa), and then the generation before the first (Saimone). In this photo you also have two who are priests (Napa and 'Unaloto), one with a Ph.D (Stan), one with a Bachelor (Laupoini), four with life time achievements (Rodney, Taiamoni, Manoa and 'Isa'ake) and one already inducted into our own family's Hall of Fame (Saimone). Of course, they all look cute but I'll have to put my money on "no nonsense looking" Taiamoni and "hippy" Poini jr.

'Ofa atu 'aupito,

Uncle Tavo

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