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All the Latest News from the USA

Greetings to all of you,

I do hope that this message finds each of you ~WELL~ and ~SOUND~~ (that's just my humble approach). But seriously, I hope that you're all doing great. As for us here in the's still cold and some parts are still snowing but thankfully that's all we have to deal with right now so let me share what has been happening here lately.

Uncle Sione Mahe's Close Call

Not to alarm those of you who didn't know about it but our very own grand uncle Sione was truly blessed to make it out of the Emergency Room alive coz he almost didn't make it due to not eating right, too much to do @ home and at his age like baby sitting (bless his heart) he's too old to keep this up and it could have ended his life but Thank GOD that he made it to the hospital in time. But he is recovering well and what I hear is that he will be moving down to Utah with Auntie Vake and Maikeli's family so hopefully he will get some well deserved rest and help from all the families in Utah.

Family Wedding in Hawaii (Simiki's grandson)

We want to congratulate Cousin Junior and his soon to-be wife. They are getting married in Hawaii and alot of the families will try to make it to this happy occasion and I know that my mom is excited to see more families soon so keep this new couple in your family prayers. Junior is Lupe and Taimeni's oldest son (Lupe is Uncle Simiki and 'Ana Tupou's oldest daughter) and they are residing in Utah.

Vake and Maikeli's Relocating to Utah

I am happy to alert all of you that Auntie Vake and Maikeli have relocated themselves along with their daughter, Moana and her family, to Utah (Jordan, Utah). And I think that this is so awesome coz most of their kids are already in Utah so this is a great way for Vake and Mike to stay close to their kids and grandkids. Oh, Moana had to relocate her family from Hawaii but I think it's all for the best. So best of luck to Vake and Moana and all the Wolfgramm Clan.

Best Wishes to Cousin Seini and her Hubby to be.

On behalf of myself and all the many families here in Texas, we wish you both the best and may God bless you both in the life that you both choose together. FROM MYSELF.... I love you so much like a little sister and I know how big hearted and soft hearted you are and I know that you're so blessed to finally walk down the isle with the One that you hold dear in your heart. We all love you so much and I know that I will not be able to attend your beautiful day but in my heart I will, along with the families that will be able to come down to Aussie to celebrate with you and all the families there. Best of luck to you and you know I am just a click away if you need me anytime to talk okay? 'Ofaatu from The MOORE CLAN.

Lastly...Fatai 'Ekuasi jr's 1st Singing Performance

We are so happy to see that my Fatai is keeping her namesake alive with her dancing and singing @ school and this was her very 1st singing and dancing performance and she did great and I am so happy to know that she got all those moves from her namesake (Grandma Fatai) and so brainy (like Grandpa 'Ekuasi). She is doing her best to live-up to her name-sake. She will be celebrating her 7th Birthday next month (March 18th) so please keep her in your prayers and our next birthday is Little Lupe (April 23rd). She will be 2 yrs old (going on 80 LOL - hoko tonu pe ki he tokotaha 'oku fakahingoa ki ai). Grandma Lupe is in Hawaii.

I think that's all the news for now and thank u all for everything

'Ofa atu always,


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