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Some Changes to

Greetings to you all, dear members of our website,

This is your Fatai & Ekuasi team just saying hello to you while hoping that you are doing fine wherever you may be. Once again, a vote of thanks to our dedicated reporters for their regular news reports which keep us all up to date on how everybody is doing. And for those of you who do not visit our website regularly, we sincerely pray that the reason we do not hear from you is that you and your family are keeping pretty well and happy.

The real reason we'd like to bother you at this time is to inform you about two changes we've made to our website. First, we have updated our FAQ page where you should get every help you need for getting around our website. Secondly, on a trial basis we have installed a "Video Blog" page where any member with a webcam can record a video message for the rest to watch. For example, with this application you can easily record a video message for cousin Seini and would be hubby, which might come in handy for those of you who will not make it to their wedding day in a fortnight from now. So how does it work then?

So long as you have a webcam, you can record a one minute video message on our website without needing to download any software. All you need is a webcam! These days most computers come with a webcam already attached. But even if yours does not have one, you can still buy one for they are not so expensive. After you've "Signed in" as a member, follow these instructions to record your video message on our website:

1. Go to the page "VideoBlog".

2. Click "Record Video".

3. On the screen that pops up, put in a title for your video message and then click "Allow" to access your webcam. Your webcam picture should appear on your screen.

4. Click "Record" and talk to your webcam, you have 60 seconds. Pliz comb your hair!

5. Click "Save" and you should see the words "Your video has been saved. Thank you".

6. Click "Publish" and you should see your video message posted.

Come on guys, who is going to be the first - may be the man with the new laptop (Hiko jr)?

Much ofa to you and family,


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