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News Update from Liverpool, Australia

Good day everyone,

First of all I hope that all our family around the globe are fine and healthy. So sorry to hear about the cyclone. Hope all our family there in Matahau: auntie Maliana, Lotiola, grandma Meleufi and the clan are safe. My little aiga here in Liverpool are all well.

I had some cousins over, all from auntie Luisa's side and we had a nice get together here at my small palace. Luisa's son Fili and his family were here for the holidays and I was able to have him and his son overnight and we had a good laugh they are going back on the 5th of March. I had been able to meet Luisa's 3 grandchildren and also 3 great grand children, they were all from NZ.

Today my son Rimo represented his school at the Bankstown / Liverpool Cluster Rugby League Team at the Sydney Rugby League Trials. There were six boys from his school and at the ground there were four of them from our club team and Rimo made it to the next level, the others didn't so I am so proud of my boy. First time but he was so calm and ready I was more nervous than him. I was not allowed to take any video or photos so Rimo is a bit disappointed that dad was not there but dad needs to go work so that mummy can take him to his games. The next trial out is on the 16th of March so please keep Rimo in your powerful prayers.

Wow! Video news! Hi 5 to the admin team! This is good so may be next time I will be recording myself but first I must remember to comb my hair and put on some make ups. lol.

Thanks to all our reporters especially our Tongan one, a job well done Hiko - magaia le teine aulelei so when is the big day??!!

I'm out till next time.

Alofa tele atu mo outou uma,

Lana Leleai (great granddaughter of Maliana & Tavo sr)

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