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Lalokalosipani News 6 re Tsunami

Hello famili, pea malo ho'omou kei laumalie.

It's been dreadful here in Tonga with the humidity. Ko e Lalo Kalosipani he taimi ni ko e fiu kumi atu hano me'i 'ea mokomoko. I told Maliana ke 'eva mai ki he fu'u lalo paini pe ko e fu'u lalo niu, but I guess she loves the Kalosipani breeze so much, she can't leave it. For us at home, 'oku mau mo'ui lelei pe. Malo mo e 'ofa 'a e 'Eiki mo ho'omou hufaki vaivai 'oku mau kei makalo holo ai.

Here's Pele, Seini's niece, to dance at the wedding on Saturday. Her dancing costume comes from the Lalo Kalosipani.


The tsunami warning last weekend came as we were locked in our own dreams sleeping away. I only got woken up by the telephone from my fiancee who warned me of the tsunami coming . . . the time was 7:15am in the morning on Sunday 28th February. I got up to check on Maliana, Tiana & Fita but they were already on the radio, getting updates after they got woken up by cousin 'Ofa (Tiana's sister) at around 3am in the morning, but I don't know why they didn't wake me up. I later went to check on my mum, who was busy early teuteu'i 'o falelotu ki he misa he 8am. As I told her of the tsunami warning, she was shocked that she didn't know anything at all. But still, the mass went on at 8am precisely. Our fellow kaingalotu from Te'ekiu joined our mass, since the patele who was supposed to do their mass didn't turn up. Of course as the mass went on, there were people gathering up at Mataki'ua and Atele area . . . tokua 'oku ma'olunga and safe from the tsunami. I heard that one of the priests turned up at Mataki'eua and conducted a mass for the Catholics that were there. For us in Matahau, I guess ko e advantage eni ia 'a e sio loloa 'etau fangakui, of having Matahau locate further inland, as we believe it is safe enough from the tsunami. But as Maliana would say, she barely takes interest in going anywhere during the past few tsunami warnings that came, ka ko e nofo pe he Lalo Kalosipani 'o fai ha lotu, ko e nonga pe ia 'oku fiema'u he taimi fakatu'utamaki pehe.


At home, we just had one of the Fale'aisi sisters (my mum) flying out to our beloved and precious cousin Seini's wedding in Bundy on Saturday. Our poor team effort from Tonga, got in to help with the tapa'i ngatu mo e teunga tau'olunga 'o e fo'i ta'ahine ko Pele, Seini's niece (ko e teunga tau'olunga ia na'e teuteu'i 'e Melekoula mo Rodney. But though I was worried for the three flight changes for my mum, I was praying that she won't fall asleep in the terminal and miss the flight. Again, ko e faingamalie 'eni kiate kimautolu mei he Lalo Kalosipani ke talamonu atu kiate koe Seini and your hubby to be, Jackson Tupaea, on your coming wedding, and that may your home be filled with love and love only till death do you part.

Anyway, that's just about it from us at the Lalo Kalosipani. 'Ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa. Sorry I'm still struggling with the uploading of photos and videos. I had some recording from home, but too bad i still couldn't load it in. Anyhow, mou tauhi lelei famili and 'ofa lahi faufau atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa.


Lalo Kalosipani News

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