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Update from Moreno Valley, California

Trust this message will find you all in good health, wealth and spirit. We know it has been a long silence between us here at Moreno Valley and our friendly home on the web. However, I hope that in spite of our lack of communication we are all still connected through thoughts, love and most importantly prayer.

We believe it's about time for an update from our family here in Moreno Valley as we read the many news updates from families worldwide. We want to take this time to thank all families on board this website for all the latest (updated) news from your respective corners. We know it may not be as easy (internet connection and timing wise) to most of you but very much appreciate it from us here in the States. At least, on my part, it is.

Not much has changed here in Moreno Valley, CA. We're still residing with Lovi's father and remaining sisters. Two have recently relocated to Louisiana with their own families leaving only four remaining with us here at home. After returning from my short holiday at Matahau with mom, we've returned to normal work schedules. Lovi is currently working as a Customer Service Lead where she manages/trains for a Mail Order (Catalogs) Company. I still hold my position at Ross Distribution Center where I palatize boxes of merchandise to be distributed to local department stores. We're just thankful that we still hold our respective jobs as the recession is causing financial issues throughout California.

We're still attending the Tongan Community here in Riverside. Majority of the community are Vavauans, who are mainly Lovi's family on her maternal side. It is only I and Patele Tupou Ma'afu's niece, who is married to Lovi's cousin, who are from the main island Tongatapu. The community this year has blessed our family to be the Tokoni Tauhi, Sekelitali, and the Tokoni Fai Hiva. Our past position as Youth Parents has changed as I have been nominated to be the Pule ECL as well. Lovi has been called to be a punake for the Tongan edition of our upcoming festival. Although we may still lack experience for these new tasks but we continue to support one another unconditionally.

Lastly we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Seini and Jackson on their upcoming wedding this Saturday. You were born to be together, and together shall you be forever, but let there be spaces in your togetherness so that God may be the space between your marriage. That is it for now. As stated at the beginning, despite our distances, may we be closer in mind, heart, spirit and most importantly prayer.

'Ofa atu mei he Lalo Paame 'o Moreno Valley!

Manoa and Loviani Manu

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