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Latest Happenings from Family in USA

Greetings to all of you and may this message find you all in good health with each of your families from where ever you may be. I am just here to do my duty of keeping you all UP-TO-DATE with all the family happenings here in the USA, so let me get to the main points of this news update:


I am happy to announce that cousin Dempsey finished his 2 yrs missions in Africa and he came home to Utah and I do know that Uncle D and Latu weren't able to attend cousin Seini's Wedding due to that. But from what I gather, he lost his American Slang (lol) or English so now he is speaking in English like most of us in Tonga (you know what I mean) but I am not gonna go there. Just grateful that he got home safe and sound.


Glad to announce that our Cousin Junior Pututau from Utah was married and even though there was a TSUNAMI Warning in Hawaii on his wedding day, the Wedding went full speed ahead and sorry to say, my mom and some of the families couldn't attend due to the weather but Ana and a lot of the families from Utah came down to Hawaii and this is the same week that the TSUNAMI almost hit most of the Pacific but sadly for Chile. Thank God it wasn't Tonga that got hit coz it could have been the end of the end.

From all of us in the US..We are so happy for Cousin Seini's Wedding and even though we couldn't come but in our hearts we all did...We are so happy to see her starting her Life with the Love of her Life, So BEST WISHES TO you Seini and Jackson.

Happy Birthdays to all our MARCH Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all of you this Month and this Include my very own Fatai 'Ekuasi Jr (She will turn 7 yrs old) on the 18th of March so I will be thinking of all of you who will be celebrating their birthdays or Anniversaries this Month.

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

Lastly But Not the Least....

Thank u all for keeping our Family Site very alive and I am always happy to tune-in to see what is going on in Tonga or what is going on with all of you. So please let's keep each other in our daily family prayers.

'Ofa lahi atu,

MonaLisa (pictured here with me is my grandmother on my father's side)

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