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News about Seini & Jackson's Wedding

Hello Everyone,

Hope this message finds you all in great health & happiness! Just wanted to take this opportunity to say hello to everyone on our family site (Admin team, this is such a wonderful website, keep up the great work). I really enjoy reading the news updates on here & esp this is a great way to be able to communicate with family world-wide.

Just letting you know the family here are all fine & recovering from the wedding over the weekend. I think we are starting to get back to normal with school & work. I'm sorry it's been a while, but better late than never. As you know, we celebrated the special occasion of Seini & Jackson's wedding here in Bundaberg, on Saturday 6th March 2010. This day also marked a special day for our niece Pelenatita Jnr who turned 5 on the day as well.

We thank you all for your prayers & thoughts that you all promised, which I'm sure helped to make things go smoothly & well on the day. The day before the wedding was raining quite heavily & we thought that it would be raining the next day, however we were pleasantly surprised & blessed to have the perfect weather we were hoping for. It turned out to be a beautiful & sunny day not to mention very hot & humid.

We were very fortunate enough to have Aunty Lotiola come from Tonga for the special day & also Uncle Toni (MC), Seini & Family from New Zealand. My brothers Felise, Atu & family also came from Townsville as well. It was so great to have family & friends come together for this special day. We also met with the rest of Jackson's family & friends from Sydney & New Zealand a few days before & had rehearsals on Friday night at the Holy Rosary Church with Fr Terry. I thought it was definitely a great experience and a chance for both families to finalise all the wedding preparations.

The wedding went well and the reception was held at the Innes Park Golf Club which was outdoors in a Marquee. There were many great performances, entertaining speeches, singing & so many highlights. I thought it was a wonderful night seeing two families become one & making new friends as well along the way. I especially enjoyed seeing the two cultures, our Tongan & Maori families, really enjoying themselves and showing pride in their own respective cultures.

Can I take this special opportunity to thank Uncle Toni for taking the time to come to the wedding, it meant so much to have you here & you did such an awesome job as MC on the night, thanks for everything, truly no words on behalf of our family to express how grateful we are. Thanks Heaps Uncle You're the Best!!!! Also please pass on our thanks to Aunty Seini for everything she did as well, much appreciated & see you both soon:wink: Also a big Thank you to Aunty Lotiola for making our costumes and special decorations for the church, it was truly beautiful.

Well I think that is all for now, there are more pictures here at the photo gallery. Thank you all once again for your prayers & well wishes. I hope you all have a great week. Until Next time, Take Care:)

'Ofa Lahi Atu,

Tita, Kuti & Family

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