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  • Admin is One Year Old Today

Hello dear members of our website,

Believe it or not, is exactly one year old today! And while it’s time to acknowledge those who make it all possible for us (our generous sponsor, webmaster, admin team, our ever faithful reporters), it’s time also to see how we can improve it for the coming year. That is why we have put up a new page called Your Say here on our site where each of you can post your comments about where we may need to improve and we’d be grateful if you can do that. You will also have noticed that our “VideoBlog” page has disappeared. This was installed only on a trial basis and since none of us had tried to use it (still no webcam?), we have removed it but may bring it back if occasions demand it. Please take heed of these reminders though...they could be important:

Please be aware of “copyright” rules concerning materials such as photos that we use on our website. Usually, there is no problem with copying photos from social network sites such as Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, etc. Pictures from these sites are considered to be in the “public domain” because the owners have allowed them to be copied by families and friends. However, pictures on most other websites are copyright protected and therefore should only be used on with the prior permission of the owner. Although it’s highly unlikely that a website such as Yahoo will sue any of you for using their picture on our website (they’ll do it if it’s on, it’s always better to do the right thing. What you can do though is to insert a hyperlink into your message to link to the page on the internet with the pictures, as Stan did in his latest message – which is perfectly legal.

If you’re still not sure about how to insert a picture or hyperlink into your message, we have updated the FAQ page on this website to answer just about any question you may have, so please check it out first. We want to thank all of you who sent their current contact details, thereby allowing us to update our Contacts page. There you should find hopefully the latest home address, phone number, and email address of most family members. And if your child’s birthday or your wedding date is not yet on our anniversary list, you can add them yourself by going to our Birthdays page – again the FAQ page has all the answers for you. The 8000+ photos in our Photo Gallery cannot be copied by doing a right click and it seems most of you prefer it that way. However, if you really need a particular photo, you can always ask us to send it to you via email. We also would like to invite cousin Nesi Kaufusi to be our official reporter from Queensland, which would leave us only with the families in NZ without a reporter – any volunteer? Sela, Koleti jr, Etu or perhaps Manoa jr? Do let us know, please.

Last but not the least, we'd like to extend once again our heartfelt condolences to cousin Monalisa for the death of your beloved grandmother Sela. May she rest in the peace of God. Ofaatu to you all.

Admin Team

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