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Just a Brief Update from Aotearoa

Firstly, I would like to thank the admin team and all the reporters for doing such a marvellous job. I'm just filling in for now until we find our true reporter from NZ. Well, as you all know, uncle Toni and Seini just returned after attending Seini and Jackson's wedding. They reckoned it was a very happy occassion for both families. Finally we got to have some maori relatives. The rest of the families here are pretty good, just busy with work and the kids enjoying the first term of school. Fonua, Paame's second son, is the first Tongan to be a prefect at Sacred Heart College, one of the top Catholic schools here in Auckland. We are very proud of you Fonua.


I wish we could have one day of the week e.g. Friday as a prayer day compulsory for everyone on this website. So everyone can do their prayers at anytime on Friday. I suggest we pray for our loved ones that really need our prayers at a particular time. For example, right now we pray for Lisa's grandmother, Sione Mahe, and any occassions that need to be prayed for. All you have to do is mention the names of the person or the occasion. Our grandparents 'Ekuasi and Fatai did this all the time, so why can't we? Just an idea.

Ofaatu to you all,

Etuate & family

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