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Lalokalosipani News 7 from Matahau

Dear family, malo ho`omou lelei. Ko e afe mai pe `eni `o vakai ki hotau ki`i `api `i he neti, pe `oku mou fefe hake. Ko kimautolu `eni `oku mau laumalie lelei pe. Kei angiangi pe Lalo Kalosipani mo e mokomoko fakalata `o e fu`u paini ko fakavaleloto. As I’m at home at the moment, and again many thanks to uncle Tavo for my 'new' laptop, now I not only get the time to do some work at home with my financial reports etc, but also to prepare my Lalo Kalosipani News Update for our website as I could hardly afford the internet café. Again, thank you uncle.

The week’s weather

It’s been sunny days here in Tonga. Not only sunny but damn humid. Could barely stand this weather condition in the office without air conditioning, unlike most of you guys. Perhaps to say, it’s the season of the year that our home wasn’t made for, not to let our architects (Napa & Tavo) down with their great effort for our home’s new design, but perhaps it was made for the worst kind of weather, like Cyclone Renee because the house is strong enough to stand against cyclones (that was great relief on the other hand). But anyway, that is just me whining.

Candidates to the 44th Town Officer Election

Well, one of the big events coming up for our little city, is the fili ‘ofisakolo. I don’t know if that’s going to be the 44th election, I just made that up anyway (sorry, but I thought it would look good on the heading of this section). But, it’s quite a talk here regarding the only two candidates fighting for the seat. On the blue corner, the challenger, the charismatic, heavy traffic `Usaia Kalamafoni (a.k.a Kalama) and from the red corner, the current champion, the energetic Mr.`Asaeli Tuiaki (a.k.a `Asa) who’s been reigning for two/three consecutive elections. The former town officer before `Asa was the late `Ahotau Me`afo`ou (a.k.a.Tau). `Asa took over from him in his (`Asa’s) first try out in the election. And ever since `Asa came in, there have been other heavyweights who tried to take over from him, such as the likes of my uncle (the one and only Lisiate Manu) and his brother in law, to’a Faua (Siua `Eteaki) and the town chef, Mr. Faleata Fanguna. But so far, 'Asa still prevails. I haven’t seen much of what he’s done to the city, or maybe it’s just me not having a clue. Some people say he’s a no brainer to be frank. But if you heard it from my cousin, the prophet, Mr.Rodney Sikei, who’s giving full support for `Asa, in debating with friends and convincing us here at home of 'Asa’s quality. Actually, kou ‘osi piko’ia au ia he’ene promote ‘a 'Asa, fu’u faufaua pehe ‘a e manavahe ‘a e palofita ki he family. lol! But for our challenger who drives his big nice white van and meeting with senior citizens in person, is like I said, he’s charismatic. Ko e faikava ia ‘e ‘ilonga pe kinautolu ia ne fetaulaki mo Kalama, ‘a hono tu’uaki ke fili e motu’a, that includes the three former challengers, my uncle, ko e To’a Faua and the town chef. But I was surprised that my much more senior uncle, Matakaiongo, told me that Kalama bribed him with $40 (although he didn’t accept it - that's what Matakai told me) when Kalama came over to his home and promote his candidacy for the election. So well . . . if that’s how bad it is for some people to win, that’s what it takes. Stay tune, I will let you know the results of the election in a few weeks time.

Rodney & `Etivise Sikei’s coming trip to Fiji

The upcoming trip for the Lalo Kalosipani is our very own, `Etivise Tauafu Sikei Jr and her dad, Rodney on little Vise’s winning prize ticket being Miss Pre-Teen Heilala Tau’olunga Festival 2009. I was told their flight was today, but now I just found out it’ll be next Saturday the 20th of March. We did have some problem with prize ticket regarding funding for their stay in Fiji and even trying to get the flight to enable them to get to Suva where 'Ana & Lika are, like getting a bus from Nadi to Suva or getting a direct flight from Tonga to Nausori, but so far, as I heard it, Rodney says ko ‘ena fo’i tikite pe ki Nadi. But for now up to next Saturday, we’ll try to sort it out ke mahino ke lava lelei e folau e ongo ua, coz I know Vise deserves to enjoy her winning prize for the great performance she did us all last year.

Anyway, family, teu ngata a he! I hope ‘oku mou mo’ui lelei pe hono kotoa. For us here in this past week, it had been tough. Na’e ki’i hokohoko mai e puke ‘i homau ‘api ni, kamata meia Poini, myself, and now with Maryanne, who’s been taking time off from school this whole week. But we’re still alive though, still breathing. So from myself, Maliana, Tiana, Fita, Poini, Maryanne, Milika & Saimone, ‘oku mau ‘ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu family, pea mo e talamonu atu ‘a e fononga ‘o e uike ka hoko mai.

Malo ‘aupito


Lalo Kalosipani News

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