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Cyclone Tomas...Latest from Fr 'Ekuasi

Greetings to you all from the Old Capital of Fiji!

I know you have been wondering whether we were really affected by the cyclone Tomas or not. Fortunately, the cyclone didn't come our way. Had it come our school would still be closed by now! It must have been a powerful cyclone as we all had our share of the strong winds and rain. I had to mobilize our senior boys to trim down and prune all our tavioka plots. The waves came right over to the school's compound and some parts were flooded. There were only minor damage to the power lines which caused power black-out in the past few days.

I have tried to send some pictures but so far unsuccessful and blame cyclone Tomas for that!

I'm conscious that we are in the Holy Week already. Here at the school all the students are taking part in the Liturgy Preparation. The different Forms compete in either preparing Drama/Skit/Action Chorus, etc which make the celebrations colourful and lively.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all and your families a "Blessed and Grace-filled Holy Week"! May the new Light of Easter guide us on our journey in the remaining months of this year.

Happy Easter to you All!

Fr Ekuasi

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