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An Unexpected Disaster...from Fr 'Ekuasi

Happy Easter once again to you all!

Greetings to you all from the Old Capital! I put up an article and a couple of photos from the school yesterday in the Fiji Sun highlighting the unexpected disaster that struck us on Sunday night. Throughout the weekend there has been continuous raining which resulted in strong currents of water and debris coming down from the mountains. It was so strong that it washed away the bridge that connects the school to the Girls' Hostel.

We were supposed to have a combined sports day on Monday to celebrate the success of our Easter celebrations. Instead, we had to build a temporary bridge made of coconut trees to enable our students to come to school. Our water dam was also partly damaged. Hence we are simply trying our best to hold the school together in these 3 remaining weeks of classes before we break for the holiday.

Sorry I still can't publish photos together with the article! Nonetheless, I hope everything is okay with you and your respective families. You may click here for a fuller report of the incident on our school's website.

Once again, Happy Easter to you all!

Fr Ekuasi

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