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Happy Birthday to My Little Sister Liz

Talofa lava,

Hope everyone is well and fine.

Just want to wish my dearest liltle sister Elizabeth a Happy Birthday and many many more days like this to come. We all love you and miss you so much. Hopefully one day you will be able to come with your liltle family to visit us here in Sydney.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!! (Picture below is me and my sister while I was in Samoa)

Just got back from our holiday back home in Samoa. It was a great trip. We enjoyed it a lot that my boys didn't want to come back to Australia. I really enjoyed spending time with my sister who is due next month for her second baby. Please remember her in your prayers as she had some difficulties with her first one.

I met with Fr Lutoviko but Fr Lopeti was so busy and I was so busy too that it was imposible to meet up.

As for my dad's two sisters (Vailili and Luisa), they are all well with the rest of their children.

It is so good to be back here in Sydney safe and well. I've posted pictures of our trip in the photo gallery.

'Ofa atu to you all,

Lana & family

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