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News Update 5 from 'Analena in Suva

Hello there famili,

just thinking of coming around, taking a break from preparing for the crazy tests which lie ahead of me at the end of this week. Us gang here in Suva are still surviving. So far, everything is OK except for the fact that after the great victory of the 'Ikale Tahi Tonga A team against Fiji on Saturday 18th April here at the National Stadium, they had a rematch last Saturday in Lautoka and Fiji thrashed Tonga by 27-3. The captain of the team is our very own Matahauan, Sione Kalamafoni. Napa, so sorry to let you know, that again Ba couldn't defeat Lautoka at their final yesterday by 3-1. May be next time?

On Saturday, one of Lika's cousins (Ha'apai clan) Sr. Paea Tamale Tonga'onevai made her first profession to the Sisters of Home of Compassion. It was a very humble, happy and simple ceremony. The choir which was made up of the inter-novitiate of the different orders of nuns, brothers and priests, was led by a Tongan Seminarian, Nuku from Niua TT (Nuku's mum was one of the deceased of last year's tsunami at Niua). The mass was held at Tamavua St. Joseph the worker parish and the reception was held at the Home of Compassion's place. Sr. Paea's father Taufaloa, her brother and his wife came from Tonga while Sr. 'Enasi (a first cousin) came from the Philippines. It was a great reception as there were puaka tunus in the meal. This was a very moving moment also for Lika to get to know this part of his father's family whom he never met, especially hearing stories about his late father from Taufaloa (his father's first cousin) who used to live with Lika's father in Nomuka. I've posted photos from the ceremony in our photo gallery. Check it out.

Last but not the least, Fiji is now getting ready for the Coca-Cola Amatil Secondary Schools Athletic Competition which will be held at the National Stadium this Friday and Saturday. Fr. 'Ekuasi told me that his team from Cawaci are more than ready to snatch the targetted medals they lost last year. That's the way to go Patele, as long as the spirit is there then leave the rest to God. Sione 'Atupuha and his family are doing fine as usual, and are getting ready for the kids' fakame this Sunday.

Well, that's all for now folks, until then,

'Ofa atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa.

Analena, Lika & kids

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