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G'day from Bundaberg, Australia

Hello everyone,

Hope you are fine and doing well! Just a quick hello and to let you know that we are all alive and well. Sorry it's been a while since the last update. Nothing much happening from this end. We sadly had to say goodbye to Aunty Lotiola last Sunday. Mum, Dad and myself drove to Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast (just over an hour away from Bundaberg well actually 2 hours) to the Hervey Bay airport so that Aunty Lotiola could fly to Sydney via Brisbane. On Thursday, she flew back to Tonga from Sydney. We had a great time with her here in the few months she stayed here but we all really miss her company. She had many influences on our Tongan Catholic Community although small in size, but with her experiences and special roles that she had back home in the Matahau Catholic Community, it was very helpful to us her sharing of her experiences and knowledge with all of us. During her time here, we have enjoyed going to each family home to say the Rosary. This has helped us as a small community to draw on each other's faith but also for the younger children and youth to be more involved.

At this time, everyone is just working away or enjoying school. The great thing about this weekend is that we have a public holiday on Monday (Labour Day) which means most work places and all schools will close, so it's a long weekend for most of us here. We don't have any plans at the moment, just relaxing I guess. The weather is starting to get cold, with winter coming. Mainly at night time, the cold chilly air is starting to show itself which is a nice change from the usual hot weather.

Well I think that is all for now, do take care and until next time,

Love & prayers xoxo

Nesi Kaufusi:):)

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