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Sharing News from Suva

Malo e lelei famili,

It is always an easing time to break away from all the assessments which need to be done and be at home here in "our little home on the web". I guess this is another sign of stress, the sharing of minor news on our web more regularly. Anyway, better to ease it out than burying it and get exploded.

We are doing fine. Elementary and Secondary schools are now on their 2 weeks holiday. Secondary schools ended the term with the Coca Cola Light Athletic Competitions in which Fr. 'Ekuasi and his St. John's College team took part. As I mentioned in my previous report, Fr. 'Ekuasi told me that they were preparing to take back their lost medals. The games are finished but I haven't heard from him ever since. May be they prefer to return to their island silently and in peace. I guess they're back now at Cawaci and getting busy with their fencing of the girls' dorms for which the government had offered to pay.

My kids are now having their holidays doing laundry and cleaning up at home. Before that, I am very happy to say it here that for the first time since they go to school here in Suva, Lika and I are very pleased with their academic results for the first term. All the girls have A and in the top ten, while Sefo managed to pass all his subjects except one which was 45% and got B. With Sefo's ability, this is a very pleasing result for him. I hope that they will maintain this standard and be in good shape when we return to Tonga.

USP is now moving towards the end of the first Semester. In the last two weeks, Japan handed over the key of the new ICT (Information Communication and Technology Centre funded by Japan) to the Vice Chancellor of the University. Most probably next Semester, this centre will be ready for use by the University. For those who are familiar with this place, this new ICT centre is opposite the Library beside the PRIDE office.

Finally, the kids and I joined the Uesiliana's malanga at 'Api Tonga yesterday for the kids fakame. Sione 'Atupuha's family of course took part in it. All the kids were lovely and enjoyed their day with their skits and dramas they performed. Even Sione's youngest daughter Lisi, who is not yet two years old, recited very well her part in the fakame. After the fakame, we stayed for the kai lelei with plenty of puaka tunu. Lika was at home with Seminarian Leonaitasi, a Tongan diocesan, who came and spent the weekend with us. This is Leonaitasi's final year in the Seminary and hopefully will be ordained next year.

Very last and not the least, as we are approaching Mother's Day this Sunday, my family and I would like to wish all the mothers out there, especially all our aunties wherever they are, a very blessed and happy Mother's day. May your family spoil you with plenty of presents on this special day.

'Ofa atu kia kimoutolu katoa,

Lika, 'Ana and kids from Suva

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