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Talofa Famili...News from Patele 'Unaloto

Greeting to you all once again after a very long time. Well, Fr Lutoviko knows how busy I am in the parish and he hops in and posts on our behalf the news from here in "our little home on the web". After all, Samoa is fine, peaceful and calm. Well, as for me in the parish, it is sometimes headache, sometimes enjoyable. Now we are preparing for Mother's Sunday and it is a big event here in Samoa. Someone from Hiko's community will help me with my masses on Sunday.

If you remember Luisa who came to Tonga for Hiko's ordination, her family are having their reunion this week and all her children are here for that special occasion. We managed with Hiko to donate two big kie tonga to them, well they asked for them, also a new carpet for their house. At least Luisa knows the right people to ask, he he! We wish them well, especially Luisa and her husband who reach the golden jubilee of their marriage.

At the moment, I am staying with a student from Vavau, studying at USP Alafua campus. Hiko asked if he can stay with me. He is here as a private student and he needs help with accomodation. He is doing well and a very good cook. Hiko knows his family in Vavau.

Other Tongan students too used to come and eva mai and go, feed them when they are hungry and its good to have company from Tonga so I can talk in Tongan. Sometimes, we have transit visitors coming to Samoa from Tonga on their way to Pangopango or visitors coming for other reasons needing help with accomodation hange ko e kaka lahi ko Pila Falekaono (some of you know him). Well, that is the situation we have now in Samoa. Overall, everything is fine out here despite the normal ups and downs of life.

Thats is all for me and I will catch up with you guys later. Let's keep one another in our prayers.

'Ofa atu.

Patele 'Unaloto.

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