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Not much but here's latest from Canada

Dear famili

Having read all the recent updates and news from all corners of the World (thank you very much!), I feel oblige to share mine with you. It has been a while, I suppose. The only problem is: there are only three of us here. (Manatu ai kita ki he fili nopele 'a e vahe Niua: inter-voting between three candidates!)

There is however a couple of interesting notes you may like to know about what's going on out here:

At this time of the year, it's hockey playoff time in North America. In Canada, "hockey, hockey, hockey!" is what you hear wherever you go or watch on TV. So, rather than being an outcast, I do join the crowd...passionately! And so, for us here in the lower mainland of BC, our Vancouver Canucks is into the second round of the playoff, heading into Game 4 tomorrow against the Chicago Blackhawks. Despite the Canucks trailling right now by one game, there is confidence that this might be THE year.

Other than hockey, the Summer semester has just started this week for the local College where I work part-time, and am teaching a couple courses there. So that at least helps out with my family right now while I continue still to look for a permanent job.

Healthwise, we are all doing well now after getting a bug this past week. The summer is just around the corner. And Sebastian (aka Sepa Jr.) is looking forward to being a two-year old in almost a month from now...I can't believe it myself! :-)

With that, I decide to share with you all using photos what's really going on with us on a daily basis (me and Sebastian in particular).

First, we go to church on Sundays (St. Monica Parish). The left photo shows Sebastian (during the past Holy Week) appearing to conduct a choir of some sort. Fortunately that wasn't the case: Sebastian was attempting the 'sign of the cross' after playing with the holy water by the Church main entrance. (The right photo looks like my dad or Uncle Matakai, flexing his muscles!)

On sunny days, we go to a park or kids' play-ground...

...and other days, shopping or just killing time at the beach. Can you see the paradox in the photo below: a tropical boy hanging on the beach, overlooking a big City, with the snowy mountain in the background? Someone told me that.

On cold, rainy days, we almost always go to an open-gym or hang out at a nearby mall. :-)

When me and Jay are both working, Jay's parents babysit. And when we're both not working, we try to go outside and enjoy the warm sun, or we take from our area the 25 minutes sky-train ride (thanks to the recent Winter Olympics) and hang-out downtown (including the Vancouver Library)...

Or, we simply stay at home and shoot some hoops (speaking of which, I wish my man Toni was here to teach the kid how to shoot...or at least look pro as a shooter!) or play T-ball...

...and (spending everyday) goofing around at home between naps, or better yet...playing air-guitar to Van Halen's "Jump" video. (We have a home-video but will have to wait sharing it!)

So there it is...anything to keep our little energetic monster (and me) running!

We may all be tight on the financial front, but "this" enjoyable life is one good thing working part-time can at least give a new parent! :-)

'Ofa atu to you all, and may you continue to enjoy your week in the grace of our dear Lord.

With our humble prayers,

Stan, Jay & Sepa Jr.

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