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About Coolest Grandkids and Chatting

Hello family members,

This is "our little home on the web" calling. As you well know, web technology is changing ever so rapidly that it's hard to keep up really. But it means that we will also have to keep up with new developments on and hence the reason for this news update. We'd like to draw your attention to two new features on our website:

1. COOLEST GRANDKIDS OF FATAI & EKUASI: You may have noticed that we have installed a new flash photo slide (swf file) on our homepage called "Coolest grandkids of Fatai & Ekuasi" where we try to put together the best snippets from family weddings of recent years. And in case you're wondering if you're a member of this 'exclusive club', we're happy to tell you that you all do! But here's the thing, if your wedding is not included, it means that we don't have those pictures in our photo gallery. We'd be happy to include them if you can send them to us or upload them to our website. Also, if you don't like your wedding photos that are shown, please send us some better ones.

2. CHATTING ON OUR WEBSITE WITH WHOEVER IS ONLINE AT THE SAME TIME WITH YOU: We have installed MEEBO, a small horizontal bar you will find when you first enter at the bottom right corner of every page of our website saying "Sign in to this site to chat" . And when you sign in as a member, the bar will tell you how many 'friends' (=members) you have on our website at that moment. If it says you have 1 friend or more, you can then click on the Meebo bar, and on the little screen that opens up, you can see which members of our website are also here online with you. To chat with that person, just click on his or her name on the Meebo bar which then presents you with a chat screen to write and send your message to that person, and it will appear on that person's Meebo bar too. You two can then chat using Meebo, like you do on Facebook.

The main advantage of this Meebo bar is that it enables you to know the identity of other family members who are also here with you at the same time on But of course, for this to work, you need to sign in first as a member before other family members can recognize you. For example, if you happen to see "2 people now on" indicated to your right but at the Meebo bar down below it says "No Friends Online", it means that the other person who is here with you on our website is either a visitor just browsing around or a family member who has not signed in. Don't get us wrong though. We're not in any way presuming that you'll always want to chat with whoever else is online with you on our website. But in the case that you do, then at least you should know that the facility for doing so is now available on this website.

With much ofa to you all,

Admin Team

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