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Lana's Update from Liverpool, Sydney

Talofa to you all and hope you are all well and happy.

Last three weeks were a bit hectic for us. We celebrated Rimo receiving the two important sacraments in church, the Confirmation and First Holy Communion, which took him 18 months to prepare for. It was such a long journey but I guess it was a great one because Rimo is changing a lot into good habits, God love him. We were so happy to have auntie Katalina and the family over to celebrate Rimo's First Holy Communion. I was trying to get hold of auntie Latu but she was in Tonga and is still over there.

Today my boys are sitting an EXAM called NAP PLAN. All students in year 3 and year 5 in Sydney are sitting it. It will be on till Thursday so please remember them in your prayers. Last Friday Arthur had an ASTHMA and it was very scary coz it was the first time he had it and lucky I took him to the doctors in time. He is a lilttle bit better and he is off from footy for two weeks.

Yeah it is now Footy season here and my boys are back for another tough year. My hubby is still coaching Rimo's team and their team won all three games so far. Last Saturday Rimo scored a try and had it converted as well and I was a proud loud mum on the side calling out that he is my son. I am managing Arthur's team and my team also hadn't lost a game but Arthur hadn't played because of the ASTHMA so hopefully the medicine will work and that my baby will be able to play this Saturday because he misses it a lot.

Mother's day was great. I spent it with the boys and we had lots of fun playing games and watching movies. It was a great day as I was not doing any house work or cooking. I was so spoiled, thanks to my boys. I have posted here some photos of Rimo's Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

Alofa tele mo outou uma

Lana and Family

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