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About Our Holiday in Florida & New York

Hello everyone!

Mou fefe hake? I've just uploaded some photos from our holiday in both Florida and New York. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then my note here will be quite short I hope. But please check out the photos which should give you a better idea of how truly nice and relaxing it was for both of us, especially for Kara.

We got off to a slow start though - our plane from Brussels to New York was delayed for hours thanks to the volcano in Iceland. So we ended up missing our connecting flight from NY to Tampa which means having to overnight in NY. Eventually we got to Tampa the next morning, to be greeted at the airport by Poini and his granddaughter Lexus. Poini then gave us an extended tour of the many beautiful waterways around Tampa Bay area before we ended up having lunch at Clearwater Beach where we stayed (about an hour's drive from where Lua and Poini live).

The next day, Lua came to have lunch with us and then he and I played a bit of golf before we (Lua, Kara and me) all drove up to Linda & Lua's place for a meal, kindly cooked for us by Linda. There, Kara got to meet the entire Tavo clan in Florida which included Josh (Lua's eldest son), Jake, Mary and their five kids (Jake is Lua's second son), and then Poini was also there with his daughter Xandriena and her two girls (Ioanna & Lexus).

The next day Kara and I left for New York where we spent one rainy day and one sunny day before heading back to Europe last night after another 3-hour delay at JFK airport, this time it wasn't the volcano but engine problems. Anyway, while it's nice to be back home once again, it was nice to have met up once again with the families in Florida. Kara and I can never be thankful enough to Poini, Lua, Linda and the families there for being so kind to me and especially to her. I am happy for her to know that the Tavos are among the nicest people on this planet! lol!

'Ofa atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa,

Uncle Tavo

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