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Matahau Mother's & Father's Day 2010

Dear families wherever you are!

Malo ho'omou laumalie. How have you all been? Ko au, 'oku ou sai pe. At the moment, it's been raining here, and cold too . . . not the right time to go faka'uha as we usually do. I could only hope that it won't rain really heavy, coz that's when the house starts leaking with water from the roof. I know it means, we gotta do something about it in time, or else it would get worse. But today, it's the worst of all days. Today here in Tonga, as you might have guessed or may still remember, it's the Father's Day. Like Mother's Day last Sunday, it was cold with some few hiccups especially when I didn't attend Mother's day mass last Sunday as I was roasting the pig, mum then had herself a really really disappointing and unpleasant Mother's day because of that. But then came Monday, and we talked it out, pea toki fiemalie ai. So, that's what I meant cold. Then came Father's Day, and it got even more freezing. But I'm sure the other mothers and fathers had the best of it all. At least for Father's Day, I made sure I attend mass and join the choir, as mum asked me, regardless of how I find Father's Day.

Later in the evening today, Fita and her ECL team, together with our Lataki group were preparing some programs ke fakamanatu 'aki e tou'anga 'o e ngaahi tamai mo e ngaahi fa'ee. So they had Sr.Clare called up for decorating the hall, and encouraged by our parish priest, Fr. Mateo Lui, urged parents and families to attend, and so they did attend. It became a very pleasant evening for our community and for me especially, to find some light on Fathers and Mothers Day. On a rainy cold day as this, we were glad that our elders took the risk to make it anyway. The elderly like Anamaka, Pipiena, Mele'ufi, Maliana and Matakai. We do remember Semisi 'Alilia whom Fr. Mateo visited today and celebrated the sacarament of the Eucharist at his home. Also to mention Vailaua Tatafu who on Mother's Day her family well celebrated her 94th birthday, though she could hardly make it to church these days due to health condition.

But today, Fita and her team made an impression on us all. I was proud of Fita for her great effort ki hono teuteu'i e ngaahi polokalama, and the influence she gave for her ECL that made us happy today. At least that I could feel the warmth of the mothers and fathers day. So much fun in seeing our little angels doing their part in making us happy. I should mention, how the community turned up, it was a bonus to today's event, it felt more communitywise. We did have a debate between the father's side led by Ma'ake Piutau, ko e ngutu'i Niua 'a Lofeni Kata, Tu'ilavakano, kae pehe ki he 'atamai fakapo'uli 'a Samisoni. The mother's side was led by Lupe Peauafi, Seini Tatafu, kaivai ko Tefa, mo 'Elulu Pofaiva. The topic of the debate was whether drinking kavaTonga has bad influence on family or not. So that was entertaining to us, something to laugh about. Then later it was followed by two poetic readers, Mrs. Oliveti Mafi who wrote a poem about her husband being a talented planter in growing yams, watermelon and peanuts, only to sell them to buy kavaTonga ke 'alu 'o ve'etou'a 'aki. The second poem came from Tu'akilaumea jr who read his poem about the time he started dating his wife before they got married, and how one night he turned up ke fai 'ene 'a'a, then early the next morning, he got called up ki he fakamaau'anga ko e hopo . . . then he said ke mau toki faka'osi atu 'emautolu 'ene fo'i maau, he kuo ma ia.

Yeah, it was indeed a pleasant evening. It may have been cold, but in our minds and hearts it was very warm with the love of our father's and mother's who've dedicated so much of their lives for us, for me. Ok, I have to made it home now. Gotta get some rest for work tomorrow. I'm glad I find Poini's internet at home, ke u neti atu ai. So, I thank you all famili. Malo ho'omou kei fie afea mai e Lalo Kalosipani, he 'oku ou lau ma'uloto pe 'eku ngaahi update ke tali cash in pe 'i Tisema. I have uploaded photos from the celebrations. Check it out here.

Again, 'ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu . . . mo e hufaki.

Ko au Hiko'itaulanga

Lalo Kalosipani News Update 12

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