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Fr Hiko's Surprise Visit

Malo e lelei & Greetings to you all from the Old Capital, Levuka!

A million thanks to all the faithful correspondents who continue to update us on the happenings on your respective places of operation. Should you begin to wonder that your efforts are unrewarding, think again! The news of your achievements & struggles are 'life-savers' to us who are flat-out from work, as we continue to draw strengths and life from that. I may not be prompt in response but your messages, photos, videos, etc are real saviours!!!

Just to mention here that Fr.Hiko arrived yesterday here in Levuka. He was in Suva for a workshop and was destined to go to Japan to preach a Retreat to our Marist confreres there but his Visa was a bit late. Hence, the blessing was on us as he decided to come and spend a few days at the Old Capital. I haven't seen Hiko in 2 years so it is a blessed reunion!

Today is Pentecost Sunday with the emphasis on the variety of gifts of the Holy Spirit. It's a wonderful day to rejoice and be grateful to the Lord for He has abundantly blessed our families with diverse gifts. I don't need to recite a litany of the many gifts that are in the family. However, a gentle reminder that those gifts are meant to be shared in order to empower and inspire people, with and around us.

May you all have a blessed week!


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