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Samoa Tala Fou (Latest from Fr Hiko)

Talofa lava to you all famili,

I am too well, too good and too cool. I got back on Tuesday early morning from Fiji , the Independence Day of Samoa and it was a public holiday. During the Fautasi race early that morning the Samoan boat beat the boat from American Samoa. The next day was another public holiday. The school began on Thursday and not even half of the students turned up. They were still probably in the holiday mood. The government that day announced that the Manu Samoa national sevens team who is now the reigning champion in the world will arrive on Saturday morning and this Monday will be another public holiday. Now you can see why I am so happy and so well because of these holidays. The KIng of Tonga was here at the Independence celebration and I was ashamed because everytime the camera freezed on him he was asleep. Pe na'e o kife'ia kae toki o mai 'o toki mohe'i 'emau katoanga!

You have probably heard that I was not able to go to Japan. I was told that I could get to apply for a visa in Fiji. While there, they said I am a Tongan citizen and it can only be lodged at the embassy in Tonga. I got my visa but it was too late for me to go. Fortunately, the Marist Fathers in Japan assured me that I am still invited to preach their retreat next year. And so I used my Japanese visa to go to Ovalau and stay with 'Ekuasi for a week. It was good to see him and that he is doing well in his work. Koe totongi ko e misa he ako he 'aho kotoa mo e inu kava lahi - hola mai au. In Suva it was good to see 'Ana, Lika pea mo e kau tafola. They have grown up and looking well. If you think that Sefo is a bit behind, try listen to him speak in English and you will be in for a great surprise. Tina is growing tall and Soana is growing sideways - nge'enge'e. I was 'fortunate' to be there for the birthdays of Tina and Tu'a. Sione 'Atupuha and his family were there for Tina's birthday pea toe ma'u mai aipe mo 'eku ki'i fakamole. 'Alu'alu'imala kae toki tau ki monu.

I have just finished two masses and I am now going to 'Unaloto 'o kai lu sipi and to wash down with some vailima. Na'e fai e fuatali'eki ai he 'aho ni pea 'oku ou tui 'ikai toe veiveiua 'oku fonu 'a peito pea mo loki.

Good to see Tavo tho photos and that Kara finally was able to meet the Tavo families in Florida. Stan, malo e ngaue. Sepa looks cool pea malo ia 'oku mou hockey kae tuku atu e va'inga lili. Saane, malo e ngaue and are you sure you're riding on a donkey? Cheer up and you are doing a great job pea pehe pe mo koe Napa ki Peru. Pea ki he kotoa 'o e famili 'oku ou 'ofa atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa moe lotu vaivai 'oku fai.

Cousin Fr Hiko

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