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Suva News from Our Top Reporter 'Ana

Hello everyone,

Hope this piece of news reaches everyone wherever you are in good health. Except of course for our dear cousin 'Etivise and her family praying beside their beloved husband and father for God's healing hands to be upon him. 'Isi is always remembered in our humble prayers here in Suva.

We here in Suva are fine except for Sione 'Atupuha's son Vea, who is still in the hospital. He had been admitted since last Friday. Sione took Vea last Thursday to the dentist for a decayed tooth which was then removed. The following day, Sione took Vea again to the hospital, as the side where the removed tooth was was aching and swollen. He was then admitted instantly, as the removed tooth had been infected, all thanks to the 'ulu kau dentist. The infected and swollen side was growing to block Vea's respiratory system and that's why he was admitted. The doctor had to make a cut under Vea's chin to drain off the pus from the infection. Also, they put Vea in the life support machine, as the little boy could not breathe anymore then through the mouth. Anyway, as of yesterday, Vea is recovering well. The life support machine was taken off but was still in the Intensive Care Unit waiting for the doctor's assessment before moving him to the patient's room.

As for us, as mentioned in my previous report, the girls are in their netball season now. They had been through with their third round of their tournament. Among my girls, Tu'a'ofa is the best of them all in netball. When I watched her first game, to my surprise, she really knows how to play center and so aggressive and energetic in the court. She sure takes after me!

As for me, we are now on our first week out of four weeks of the first Semester holidays. We had just finished our exams last Friday. But while I was preparing for my exams, I also had to be engaged with being the punake for the LDS Tongan Community's item for their Cultural Night, celebrating the tenth year anniversary of their temple here in Suva. The item has to be within ten minutes. So we did a ma'ulu'ulu, mako, girls' tau'olunga, kailao and a solo tau'olunga. Susitina and Soana were in the girls' tau'olunga, Sefo in the boys' mako and Tu'a'ofa and I being the punake and in the ma'ulu'ulu. So for the last four weeks, I had been ako faiva at night and study for my exams during the day. On the Cultural Night last Friday, our items rocked the stage while the Tongans among the audience rocked the mud as it was a rainy week here. The LDS Tongan Community were thrilled with their performance while my exam result will definitely have heaps of eggs this time.

Last but not the least, we met Fr. 'Ekuasi last Sunday at mass, as he was the main celebrant. After the mass, he gave Tu'a'ofa 'a e ki'i me'a 'a tau, for their McDonald. Since the McDonald is just across the road from the church, we went straight there and had a lovely brunch with Fr. 'Ekuasi's saute. Malo 'aupito Fr. 'Ekuasi.

That's all for now, and may you enjoy the end of the first half of the year and welcome the second half with high spirits. For those who have birthdays this week, we wish you all the very best, especially to aunty Tita who celebrates hers today. Hope you'll get lucky at the poker machine tonight.

'Ofa atu to you all,


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