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2011 Reunion Committee 1st Meeting

Hello to all you families:

These are the outcome of the first online meeting of the 2011 Reunion Committee which was held here on at our Chat page on July 4th 2010:




After a few ideas were shared, I think the two themes that stood out from the rest were CELEBRATING OUR ROOTS AND DIVERSITY AS A FAMILY and WATERING THE FAMILY TREE. We decided to somehow put these themes together. Stan suggested to leave the roots part out since we had that in our 2006 reunion, and that's when uncle Felise made up that tavo family tree book, so we ended up with UNITY AND DIVERSITY. So we came up with the following theme then as a working proposal: CELEBRATING OUR UNITY AND DIVERSITY AS A FAMILY. We also thought WATERING THE FAMILY TREE can be made part of our activities in the reunion program.


We sort of started off with t-shirts but we thought of the weather, is it going be cold or warm....we thought of getting sweaters since it's winter during that time in Bundaberg, Australia (just in case). COLOUR OF SWEATER: since the reunion is held in Australia, I thought it would be kool to have Australian colours or Bundy colours suggested by Analena. My idea for the layout was to have the theme on the back with a picture and have the place, year on the front left in small. But these are just ideas yet to be confirmed.


I think everyone is aiming at the second week of July 2011, but it all comes down to the Bundaberg crew, due to bookings and other stuff, as well as availability. They are working on it, and it takes time to get quotes back from some places. I hope to discuss this further with Tita & Kuti and family when I visit there next week. If I missed anything from yesterday's chat, please feel free fellow committee members to add them by replying to this post down below. Also we need feedback from the 1st generation, especially with the wording of the theme and anything else that has been mentioned here - please just respond here to this post to let us know.

Thanks again to those that made it yesterday to our chat here on Hopefully we get more people here next time, the timing of which will be announced to you all in due time.

'Ofa atu to you all,

Mele Rea (for the 2011 Reunion Committee)

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