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Talofa to you all from Samoa

Talofa to you all from Samoa. This place is lovely and clean. I wish Tonga could clean up a bit all the rubbish and fakaveve 'o loto Nuku'alofa. Here in Samoa it is not only in Apia the capital but all over the country as well, clean and green.

Anyway, from Samoa, well famili we are ok. Fr Lutoviko and I and our Samoan family here are fine. Aunty Luisa is preparing for their trip to Rome with the group called the Legion of Mary. She is a strong member of that group. They are organising fundraisings such as bingo, raffles and stuff like that to pay for their traveling expenses.

Nothing new here in Samoa. Our Manu Samoa rugby team is preparing to take on PNG as part of the World Cup 2011 qualifying rounds. Tonga and Fiji are already in, unlucky for us we have to find a place. If we compare where Samoa and Tonga are now, Tonga should be the one to disqualify from the World Cup esp after the Pacific tournament that was just finished. Maybe the word disqualify is not enough, BAN is the right word. How about "kick out" Malie 'Ikale Tahi.

That is all for now from Samoa. We wish we will have some yams from Tonga esp this time. Malo e faiongoongo mai e lipooti mei he lalo kalosipani. Tonu pe ke ke lipooti tu'oua koe ka mau taki taha pe kimau tolu. Ka ki he vahe 'e kei tu'uma'u pe. What do you think boss and the admin team? That is all for now, alofa tele atu kia kimoutolu hono kotoa. Fa soifua.

Fr Lopeti Unaloto

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