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  • Magdalen Kaufusi

2011 Reunion Venue Suggestion

Hello Family,

Hope this finds you all safe and in good health. Everyone here in Bundaberg are doing great!! Mele & Clare Rea arrived here Sunday and us here in Bundy are glad to have them here again!

We have discussed the family reunion and we have come to the agreement that we should perhaps change the venue to America. The main reason is because most of the family live there and it only seems right to have it there. That way it makes it easier for all the families in America to attend and therefore it is only us families from NZ, Australia and Tonga to go to America. We have looked into camp sites/retreats where we could hold the reunion and there is not much to choose from and if there is they only accommodate up to 60-70 people.

It would save a lot of money for the families in America, and there is more families over there that can suggest places to accommodate our big family. Plus we know there are some families who are struggling at the moment so please feel free to put your input so we can make a final decision from here.

Again Bundaberg is a very small town, a beautiful place to come for a holiday but not enough options to accommodate our big family reunion.

Magdalen Kaufusi (for the Kaufusi family)

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