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Free Return Ticket to Hawaii for Susitina

Bula vinaka to you all famili,

Here are some recent happenings in which some of us were involved during the past few weeks or so.

Before that, just to let you all know famili that Vea, Sione 'Atupuha's son, had recovered well and back to normal health now. So on behalf of this family, I would like to thank you all for the prayers you offered for Vea in that time. The other good news about Vea's family is that by the end of this month, they're moving in to their new flat here on campus, which is right next door to us. 'Io, ko 'ene toki fetautaulaki mo'oni ia 'ae kau Nomuka, 'i loto USP.

Last week, Fr. 'Ekuasi brought his dancing group from St. John's, Cawaci. This was for the inter-secondary schools competition which was hosted by the Fiji Audio Visual Commission, whereby the participating schools had to perform a Bulawood, Hollywood and Bollywood dance. St. John's only participated in the Bulawood and the Hollywood category. Their Bulawood was a variety mixture of the Pacific Islands' cultural dances (even Indian dancing as it is part of Fiji's culture) which I really admired. As a result, they were among the top 4 for the final on Saturday night and they won the Consolation prize which is equivalent to being 4th in the Bulawood Category. Moreover on this night, a raffle ticket was being drawn from the admission tickets of the audience, and Susitina won this prize which is a return ticket to Honolulu. (Our admission ticket on this night was paid by the principal of St. John's to go and cheer for their group). Since we have this free ticket, we're now desperately trying to get a sponsor for Lika to try to get a visa so that he can use this ticket. So those in the States, please help us to get Lika a visa, otherwise the person who paid our admission ticket will use this ticket instead (What is of Zeus, give it to Zeus? Not this time please!)

My kids are doing fine with their netball and Sosefo just started their rugby last Saturday and their team won only by default. Before I end this report, I would like to relay here our prayers to Visilia jr Tavo. Hope everything will go fine with you. Lastly, I would like to thank you famili for the prayers you had for me during my exams last Semester. As a result, I've made it, and left me with two more units for next Semester, pea mau say ni sa moce leva to Fiji. And on that tone of almost saying goodbye to Fiji, to you famili, ditto for now.

'Ofa atu,

Analena for the Suva gang

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