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Happy 80th Birthday to Filimi Tavo

Hi everyone,

You may all notice on this site's Birthday/Anniversary board that Grandpa Filimi's birthday is today (July 17). If the posted date is correct, he has now turned 80 years old. As you all know, Filimi is the only one still alive from the children of Felise & Maliana Langi-Tavo and he's among a few left I believe of his generation within the Lomu and Losaline clan. He has been the elder figure of our family for some time now and as you all know he has dedicated most of his free times to sharing his life with us, has continually taught many of us about life and our family, and has always found happiness (and peace) in bringing everyone together.

During the last three months or so I have been unfortunate to lose contact with Filimi and my aunty Analena. The phone contacts I had used are no longer working and have not been successful in tracing them down to Texas. But, if anyone here is able to talk to Filimi and Analena or their children, please do convey to them our love and happiness for the life Filimi has shared with us, and may he be blessed always with God's grace and peace in the years to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA FILIMI, and we hope you were treated today to a wonderful birthday celebration. Our prayers are also with you on this special occasion.

'Ofa atu from us here in Canada and from the rest of the family from all over.

PS: Happy Birthday also to Catalina and Veisilia along with a Big Congratulations to Uncle Lua and wife Linda on their upcoming wedding Anniversary.

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