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Hi famili, this is uncle D again.

I would like to explain our thought about the situation in Bundy, Australia. We talked about that reunion, and we came to an agreement to move the reunion to America to the valley of SALT LAKE CITY, in the second week of July 2011. Because my family live here, and Vake & Maikeli family have moved to Salt Lake now. Visilia's family live here too. Vise lahi stays here now. Poini and Lua could easily come here and Lupe's family too. I would like to invite everyone to come if that is what is going to happen.There is a lot of places for everyone to stay. We would like the family from Bundy, New Zealand and Tonga to reply back to us a.s.a.p. We never have it like this before, but most of Ekuasi & Fatai's children and grand children live here in Salt Lake City. We love to have it here. We love you all. D Tavo.

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Hi familia, Malo e lelei famili ko 'eku taimi lunch eni he ngaue peau afe mai ke vakai pe 'oku mou si'i fefe, fuoloa e ta'efelongo aki..'oku mou si'i fefe hake?'Ofa pe 'oku mou mo'uilelei pe e tokotah


Hello family it has been a long long time. Im so happy, finally able to get in this family forum and see how everyone is doing. Im very grateful that the Lord has blessed me to be apart of this family