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Kaufusi 2 Host 2011 Reunion Down Under

Hello Family

Greetings from Bundaberg, I'm sorry for the late reply...I have just had a meeting with our family and parents (Tita & Kuti) explaining to them what has happened so far about the Family Reunion, and I am happy to tell you all that they are still willing and happy to host our 2011 Fatai & 'Ekuasi Family Reunion here in BUNDABERG, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA. Please do not worry about the email from Maggie a few days back, she really needed to run that through by ALL of us before she posted to change the venue to America here on our family website, much to our surprise and shock. We are truly sorry about that and apologize about the confusion it has caused you all, especially to those that were really looking forward to coming to Bundaberg and those who are already planning to come here. We believe that at the last 2009 Reunion in NZ, it was agreed by all to have it here in Bundaberg, and that we should go ahead with it as planned. There were many and various reasons why it was to be held here in Bundaberg and I'm sure those that can make it will have an enjoyable time. There is still plenty of time to book flights and organize your visa and travel arrangements. We look forward to having you all here and welcome you all with open arms to our Beautiful Home Town of Bundaberg!!!! I know it's very exciting now, so the planning by the Reunion Committee must go ahead for our Family Reunion here in Bundaberg in 2011, but of course with all your help and suggestions along the way.

That being said, we are very grateful to Uncle D and the USA gang for their willingness to step up at short notice to host the reunion in case we here in Australia could not do it. That way, they remind us of the never-say-die spirit of our grandparents Fatai & Ekuasi. Malo ofa! But I guess they would be relieved to know that our parents Tita and Kuti are determined to host the 2011 Fataiekuasi reunion here in Australia for the very first time.

We just want to make sure about the dates though. We would like to suggest the last week of July, from 29th until the 31st (Friday, Saturday Sunday) July 2011. However, this is still to be decided by us and the Committee.


Please let us know ASAP what you think of these dates. Could you also please let us know who will be coming, numbers, so we have an idea, so that we can organise accommodations, etc.


But not to worry, I will be in touch via this family website.

We look forward to hearing from you all very soon and working together with the preparations for our Family Reunion - may the Fatai-Ekuasi Family Clan continue to prosper!! xx



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