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Milestone for Our School's Senior Team

Greetings to you all families and friends!

As I type this our Senior Team is training hard outside as they put in the final touch into their preparations for the 1/4 finals this Saturday. Last week our boys beat one of the top schools in the country Lelean Memorial School with a convincing score of 22 - 3.

The last time our school made it this far was in 2002. Hence, this is a massive progress for our rugby boys. To top it off, 2 of our boys have been selected to represent Fiji in the Test against the Australian Sec. School's Team later in the season.

As you all know any small victory or achievement can really boost the morale of the school. You can possibly imagine the morale of the students at this time. In the athletics last Term our star runner in the 400 m was chosen to be in the Fiji Squad for the next South Pacific Game.

Yes, our Team will be travelling to Suva by boat on Friday morning and play on Saturday then back here on Sunday. Those in Suva, like Ana and the kids, come and cheer for the St.John's College boys! God knows, you might get another lucky Draw!

I'm aware that you are all focus on the preparations for the Reunion but hopefully these kinds of news may temporarily refresh your minds! [from admin: for more on this story, click here]

Moce mada vakalailai!


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