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Matahau Lalokalosipani News Update 16

Dear families,

Mou Kataki pea malo ho'omou lelei. My sincere apology for it has been a while since my last update from us here in the kingdom where time begins. We have had to make some adjustments since we no longer have the internet at home, as Poini has left his job (while seeking for "I don't know"). So here am I, finding time again in the internet cafe here in Nuku'alofa to give you guys some news from home. 'Oku mau mo'ui lelei pe. 'Oku mo'ui lelei pe 'a Maliana, except for figuring out how we gonna solve the problem with the manioke thieves. 'Oku mo'ui lelei pe 'a Tiana pehe kia Saimone mo Milika. Neniti has been quite busy with the planting of the manioke for Sr Clare mo 'ene kau Taupo'ou Sevaniti. And Fifita, she seems to be caught up now with the taking care of Joan, who's been discharged from Vaiola Hospital (malo e hufaki mai), but our Joan couldn't find anyone else to trust other than Fifita herself.

Heilala Festival

As I mentioned in my previous updates, our kalapu kava-Tonga, Fe'ofa'aki 'a Kakau, joined the festival ki hono hiva'i e tau'olunga 'a Lesieli Kalamafoni. I guess the little village was thinking more of the good memories of our little Vise, in her winning performance last year. However, this year our tau'olunga came second. There was tremendous support, cheering for us when we were on the stage, but what people didn't see coming, was when Tu'aleka showed some of his performance in the tulafale. If you had seen him, it wasn't like those classy fellas ke ve'etonu mo fakamanimani. Tu'a's tulafale was so amusing that it caught the crowd's attention, 'a e sipinga fo'ou ko ia 'o e tulafale, 'i he kalasi kehe 'ene ta-va'e, mo e li-haka 'a e nima. I don't know pe ko e fa'ahinga tulafale ia na'e ma'u 'e he masi'i mei fe. Mahalo na'e 'uluaki pe tau'olunga ia, ka ko e ta'e'amanekina 'ene fo'i puna hake 'o 'otu mu'a ia he kau tulafale na'e 'osi totongi. The good thing for us, it had us all laugh about it.


We were glad to know that many of you had known of Vailaua's funeral. She has been an icon of our little village as well as of our church of St. Joseph the Worker in Matahau, been living for 98 years, is a life term that any of us can only dream of. Anyway her funeral has come and gone, with relatives and families giving their farewells. But at this funeral, it will be remembered as one of the worst performances of the Matahau choir, so that even close family members couldn't comprehend why this at Vailaua's burial. Perhaps, some of the choirs were too tired with helping out at the funeral chores, but the good thing about that, is that we got to be more prepared for the next. That happened when one of our community's elderly ladies, residing in Nukunuku, Makalita Peini, passed away. So this time, mahalo ko e ilifia pe na'a hoko atu e ngalivale ki Nukunuku, pea nau toki tangutu hifo 'o fai 'enau homework, and fortunately for me, the choir did very well. As for our Tauhi (my Mom), I'm very happy seeing her giving her time and effort for her important role. We even had one of our cousins, Fr. Pauli Ta'ai, who made it in time from Niuafo'ou, to join in with the funeral mass. Lilo Veamatahau has also passed away, more on that later.

Parish Market Day

Well, this is something new to our communities, but our parish priest, Fr.Mateo Lui, had organized a special market day as a fund raising effort for the parish. So last Saturday, we turned up with our own contribution. Neniti had his niumotu'u. Mom took some of her kiekies. The good thing for the buyers is that they get to find cheaper prices than the regular ones at Talamahu market. However, 'oku tau 'ilo ai pe foki 'a e tu'unga faka'ikonomika 'oku 'i ai 'a Tonga ni. Lolotonga 'a e fakama'ama'a atu 'e he ni'ihi 'enau maketi, 'oku kei nofo ma'u pe ni'ihi ia 'i he price angamaheni. Ko e taimi momoko foki eni, pea na'e toe 'uho'uha foki, so when the high price vendors left their spot, ko e taimi ia na'e pau'u atu ai e ni'ihi ia 'o fakatau ma'ama'a e kato manioke ($5 ki he kato 'e ua) ke fei mo 'osi. Pea ngali ai pe ia he ko e market day 'a e kaingalotu

Our Rugby League Team

Well, here's another small good news from the Ngalukilo Stormers. With two more rounds left before playoffs, our team is still undefeated. Last Saturday they won against Niutoua with 13 - 5. It's always a good thing, that our citizens get to enjoy watching our league boys and looking forward to it every Saturday. I only hope they continue well until the finals.

As for now, people, te u lele a he, coz my time is out. Anyway ,mo u nofo a, pea 'ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu, kia uncle Vo ki fe pe, uncle Toni ki Aotearoa, you guys in the States and all those in Aussie and the Pacific Ocean.

'Oku mau 'ofa lahi atu,

Hiko'itaulanga Manu


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