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Hard Luck for My Boys

Greetings to you all!

My boys played like true Cawacians and battled right to the 81st minute but went down to a better team on the day! In the end QVS won the Semifinal 20 - 9. I told the boys to hold their heads high, walk tall and be proud, as they gave everything in the game. We'll just have to try again next year, and the boys feel affirmed in their efforts to come this far. Many thanks to you all for the support through your best wishes and prayers.

We divert our focus now to our Netball & Hockey Squads as they prepare for their upcoming tournaments respectively at the end of the term. Meanwhile, we are currently having our Mid-Year Exams before we break up next week.

Congratulations to the ABs for winning yet again the Bledisloe Cup! To the die-hard Aussie fans, the Wallabies are on the right track for the World Cup next year.

Once again, a big vinaka vakalevu to you all families & friends,


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