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Happy 66th Birthday to Aunty Lotiola

Ok, there's today the twin-wedding of both cousins Monalisa & Jenny (15 years of marriage), and tomorrow is Elizabeth's birthday (38 years young)...Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to you guys! But admittedly, we have tried to refrain from wishing everyone happy birthday using our news forum, for fear that this forum might end up being overwhelmed with birthday wishes - remember there's a birthday or anniversary just about everyday! (check out our Birthday page). It is for that reason that we have encouraged you all to use our "Upcoming Birthdays & Anniversaries" column you see here to your right. By clicking on any of the names there e.g. 'Elizabeth Wolfgramm Atuaia', you will then be taken to a page with a photo of that person where you can write up your birthday or anniversary wishes and we'll make sure s/he gets to read them.

That being said, we come across now and then someone who's gone over the 65th mark, the age of retirement in several countries, such as aunty Lotiola Manu on Thursday. And this time we know you'll all agree that she deserves a special mention. So here it is: Happy 66th Birthday to this special aunty/mother/sister/grandma/mother-in-law of ours. We know Poini jr and Hiko jr will put on their best culinary efforts for you tomorrow (no sleeping Poini!) but thank you for being such an unfailing example over the years of honesty and personal integrity, even if we sometimes had to learn this from you the hard way (your left hand scratching is already part of the family folklore). Much ofa to you from us here and Happy Birthday!

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