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  • Analena Taai

Only One More Term for Us All in Suva

Bula to you all again famili,

As I'm doing this bit of news, my kids and I just got back from the netball court, where Fr. 'Ekuasi's netball teams are competing in the Secondary Schools' netball competition. We are so exhausted as it was a full sunny day, and towards the evening the wind was a bit unkind. All that was forgotten due to the fabulous performance displayed by the Cawacians' netball teams in the under 15, under 17 and their open grade. These teams had won all their games today and there is a high chance of them being in the finals tomorrow and am not surprised if they become the overall winners. But what amazed me the most is seeing the principal of Cawaci St. John's (our very own Fr Ekuasi), going between the two netball courts which is about 500 metres away from each other. So I whispered to him one time he came from the other court, "If we'll join your walks, you'll already reach Matahau". What a matengata'a principal!!! About two weeks ago, he came with his rugby team, now is the netball teams. Way to go Patele!

Today is the end of the second term for the primary and secondary schools in Fiji which includes my kids' school. Before we came and cheered for the Cawacians' netters, we first went and collected my kids' reports. Again, they did very well, so is Sosefo even though he moved from Grade B to C+. For this son of mine, as long as he passes all his lessons, I'm OK with it. But before this term ends, the girls' netball season had finished with Susitina's team under 12 losing the semifinal; Soana's team under 11 became the first runner up but most of all is Tu'a'ofa's team under 9 who became the champion of their grade. Now they are getting ready for the Inter-District Competition, which will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Tu'a'ofa and Susitina were picked for the trial of their teams, unfortunately Susitina got dropped off from the final team while Tu'a'ofa made it to the IDC. This is not really a good news to me cos Tu'a'ofa won our deal, as since the beginning of their netball season, she begged me for a netball ball, and our deal is for her to be in the IDC. On the day she got picked, she reminded me of our deal. I guess I so underestimated her ability back then. Three teams from Tonga, which are due to arrive tomorrow (Saturday 21) will take part in this competition. I will give you next week an update result of this competition. By the way, my Sosefo's rugby is done too. During their competition, their team won 3 games all by default, and lost the rest of their games. As a result, they were not in the finals.

Last but not the least is to wish everyone who is out there in Salt Lake City for the Lomu and Losaline Family Reunion a most enjoyable, enriching and unifying experience during this weekend, especially of the different branches of our various grandparents. Long live the Lomu and Losaline family clan!

That's about all I have for now,

but don't worry because next week - I'll be back.

'Ofa atu to you all,

Analena Ta'ai reporting from Suva

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